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Delicious french cuisine meets Washington D.C. on 14th Street.

Le Diplomate is as sincere with honoring French cafe culture as they are in their quest to provide a strong sense of comfortability amongst their guests. To make your time at Le Diplomate more authentic and pleasurable, the women in your party will dress between high fashion and casual, and the men will wear a medley of jackets paired with some nice jeans. At Le Diplomate, you’re receiving the most enticing slice of Paris you can imagine all while soaking in tradition with your loved ones.

You have many fine options to choose from when dining at Le Diplomate, but some of the dishes that will have your mouth watering for more and your taste buds screaming at you to come back are their brown butter infused trout amandine and their steak au poivre cooked to absolute perfection. True to a French restaurant history, the bakery is absolutely delicious so make sure you save some room for desert.

Finally, if you mosey on over to the bar, you’ll have a front-row seat to their dapperly dressed and smoothly kind bartenders mixing craft cocktails just for you.

The Nellis Group has an incredible property with a phenomenal view located only 2.1 miles from here: 3900 14th St NW #609, Washington, DC 20011


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