The Truth About Alice Book Review

Recently, James Nellis had the opportunity to attend a book signing for The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu at One More Pages Bookstore in Arlington. The book is often described as a cross between Friday Night Lights and the Scarlet Letter.  James not only read the book but also knows the author personally from their days at Paul VI High School (one of our awesome charity partners). Here is James’ summary on the book signing and his The Truth About Alice book review:



After the book signing event in Arlington, Virginia I began the adventure of reading about this small town in Texas and each character involved in this great book.

The book is written from the perspective and voice of each character formed by the author. Chapter titles coincide with each character and their personal voices shine forth with vivid descriptions, reactions to others and the perfect mindsets of each person. I loved being “inside the mind” of each character. Seeing the world through their eyes and each event as it played out following the big high school party which is the foundational event of the book.


Jennifer Mathieu Book Signing
There are twists and turns in the book that keep you intrigued and wanting to know more from each character. Every chapter and character reveals the further truth of the events that took place in this small football town.

I highly encourage you to pick up the book and if you have teenagers I would recommend reading the book with them. Actually, knowing the pressures that come about at such an early age it may be good for a 13/14 year old before entering high school. There is some slight “adult content” which is why I would recommend reading it together. Now, I am still single and by the time I have a child at that age this book will certainly be viewed as a classic.


Jennifer Mathieu Book Revelation


It is an enjoyable read for any age. It will certainly bring you back to your own high school days as you flip through the pages. Jennifer Mathieu is still on a tour for her book The Truth About Alice so check out her calendar of events so that you can join her for a reading when she comes to your town on the Truth About Alice Tour.



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