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Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot in Clifton Virginia

Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot is a family owned and operated business, serving the finest ice cream, milkshakes and food products. Located just off of Main Street in Historic Clifton, VA, it is easy access to many shops and neighborhoods. Just a short drive from Peterson’s is the coveted Nellis Group property of 10726 Acorn Knoll Court in Burke Centre, VA.

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Whether it is the ‘Shop Specialties’ or the ‘Clifton Creations’, you can be sure you will find something on the Ice Cream menu for everyone in the family. The Harrington is highly recommended. It is a mint chocolate chip ice cream with oreo cookies mixed in! (is your sweet tooth calling out Peterson’s name yet?) There is an endless array of yummy creations you can make with the toppings.


Get the Fantastic Fries are exactly that.. FANTASTIC. They are 1/2″ hand cut fries that are fried and tossed in Italian Seasoning, add a Depot Dog any style and there you have an all-american experience.

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