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The Kernels of Thanksgiving

Growing up I always enjoyed Thanksgiving Day! Yes, it was primarily because of the stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy… I could do without the turkey, I LOVED the side dishes. I would anticipate not the sit down with the entire family but my 2nd and 3rd dish especially later in the day (you know, each time I arose from my food coma). Thanksgiving always provided multiple meals that day and afterwards.

A family tradition beyond food that I wanted to share with you is our approach to being thankful. Being purposeful with what you say and a visual demonstration. Every year we would take out kernels from a popcorn bag and go around the table. Each person would take out 2 kernels. Then we would take time as each person shared 2 things they were thankful for on this Thanksgiving. After you stated each one you would drop your kernel in the glass bowl. After you were done, you would pass the bowl to the next person.


There was always something about the peaceful cling in the bowl of the kernel and the ringing of thanksgiving that brought a smile to my face and a fond memory. As you gather later today with your family my hope is that you will take this same tool as a way to be purposeful with your family and loved ones.

Yes share in the food, laughter and hopefully football. Most of all share in the reasons you can choose to be thankful today, as every new day is a blessing and a reason to give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Nellis Group, your Real Estate Family!




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