The Crossroads Restaurant at Lansdowne Woods

Lansdowne Woods is an active adult community that is known for the great amenities and social activities that it provides for it’s residents. One of it’s great amenities is the restaurant and bar that is located on the property.

The Crossroads Restaurant is the highly praised resident restaurant at Lansdowne Woods. It is located in the Clubhouse, which is the central community building at Lansdowne that houses many of the other fabulous community amenities. Crossroads has great food and great service. Their central location at Lansdowne makes it quick and easy to get a high quality meal and a pleasant experience any day of the week.

The Crossroads Restaurant is the perfect location for your lunch date or dinner with friends where you can dive into appetizers or enjoy a glass of wine with your entree. What about breakfast you may ask? The Crossroads offers an extensive brunch menu on Sundays from 11-3! The Crossroads never fails to offer delicious and convenient meal options for Lansdowne residents which is why it is one of our favorite spots in the Leesburg area.

Do you want to be able to enjoy an active and social life with convenience at every turn? Check out the property we have for sale at Lansdowne Woods and get in to this community while you can!


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