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Quarterdeck: Fabulous Crab Restaurant in DC

Quarterdeck is a crab and seafood restaurant in Arlington, just outside of Washington D.C. Quarterdeck is known for it’s freshly steamed Maryland Blue Crab but it’s menu is not limited to just that. Quarterdeck has many other seafood and classic American dishes for customers to choose from.

There isn’t a better place for crab enthusiasts (and their less eager friends) to eat than at Quarterdeck. The cozy, seaside shack atmosphere of the restaurant is welcoming and the food offered to customers is more than satisfactory. Along with the premier crab, dishes like steak, hamburgers, pizza, french fries and more make the menu just as comfortable as any other.

Quarterdeck is a restaurant that you will want to visit often because of it’s great location, reasonable prices, delicious menu and good service. When you are in the neighborhood visiting this crab restaurant in DC / Arlington, also make sure to swing by River Place Condos where we currently have a home for sale. Condo #914 is a comfortable home that comes with many fabulous amenities. Get into this home now before it’s too late and enjoy the prime location that River Place offers!


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