Motivated Young Adults Take Charge Of Their Lives With Quantum Leap

A group of motivated young adults gathered in Fairfax on Saturday for the free Quantum Leap one-day seminar sponsored by the Nellis Group. National instructor and CEO of the Nellis Group James Nellis, took the high school/college students and young professionals through Gary Keller’s game changing course. Participants learned valuable life skills not taught in schools including the keys to setting proper goals, creating good habits, and changing their mindsets to prepare for the challenges of the real world.
While many people their age were still asleep, these students were taking a great step in the road to success.
Quantum Leap is just one of the great FREE seminars the Nellis Group offers to clients and friends. In the Spring we will be holding a Small Business Seminar, perfect for those who run their own small businesses, so be sure to sign up for that today. As always you can find all our seminars, events and contests on our Events page.

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