Immanuel Charity Auction Sponsored By The Nellis Group

The Nellis Group was excited to sponsor and attend the 2017 Fiesta Immanuel Bible School Celebration and Auction (Photos). This was a fantastic event filled with Cinco De Mayo fun, and a large group of giving people who helped raise a lot of money for this great cause.


One of the things we wanted to make sure as a company, was that all of the money collected on this evening would go towards Immanuel Christian School, and not towards the expenses of running this fantastic Cinco De Mayo fundraiser event. As the Gold Sponsor we were able to make that happen, and James contributed even more, taking home several silent auction prizes as well as securing Nicole Nellis the front of the line parking pass in the live auction.


The big auction item of the night for DC Sports fans, and the inspiration that led the Capitals to a game 5 victory over the Penguins, was the Nellis Group VIP Dream Seats PLAYOFF package. We donated these hard to get Game 5 seats on the glass (all inclusive), and were able to raise over a thousand dollars for the school.


We were also able to enjoy some of the great food, talk to some amazing Immanuel staff & parents as well as get up on stage and draw some names for raffle winners.

ng stage

Overall it was a fantastic evening and just another way the Nellis Group could contribute to a community that is changing lives daily. Stay tuned this coming year when we open up our 100th Home For Charity voting, as ICS will be one of the charities up for consideration.



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