One Word for 2018: Real Estate and Personal Vision

As a company, we did away with ambiguous restarts at the beginning of each year with the dawn of January 1st. Many companies find a new idea or push for a fresh restart. Instead, we focused on the premise of One Word. It is an idea that was put into print by one of our Real Estate clients and personal mentor of mine: Dan Britton. The One Word allows you to leverage key principles and shape the way you approach the new year in all facets.

The concept is simple. Select ONE word that you will choose to live out for the entire year both as a Company. We have done this for the last 3 years. Each year we nominate multiple words that The Nellis Group could adopt for the One Word that year. Make sure when you look to do this as a Company that you make sure the word can easily fit into the 6 disciplines. We have opted out of words in the past when they were unable to accurately portray what we wanted as a Company.

One Word Approach

This year we approved COMMITTED. Let me show you how it breaks down:


6 Disciplines (Create a sentence for each discipline):

1. Spiritual: The Nellis Group is committed to foster an environment for every Agent & Team Member to pursue their growth and freedom of the journey towards the truth. (We have multiple faiths/denominations represented within our Company. We base our business and service for clients from the Bible but it is not required to be a Christian to work at the Company).

2. Physical: The Nellis Group is committed to the health and well being of every member with nutritional, educational and exercise opportunities throughout the year in 2018.

3. Emotional: The Nellis Group is committed to an environment of encouragement and building others up according to their needs. (We have a SPOTTER rule within the Company. Any time someone seems to be not acting or speaking in love that person or someone else watching it has the right to announce or even yell spotter. It has become a fun way to protect the safe atmosphere we want at The Nellis Group).

4. Relational: The Nellis Group is committed to the right culture, love and a workplace to inspire individual growth.

5. Mental: The Nellis Group will commit to an environment for members to grow with reading and exploring 12 books in 2018.

6. Financial: The Nellis Group is committed to assisting each member create a future legacy with saving, investing and the creation of wealth.

Many Companies have leveraged this book within their own brand. I have also seen it done as individuals, with families and even sports teams. The One Word gives you an opportunity throughout the week, month and even year to check in and focus on the word to create something greater than the year before as a Company.

We recommend you do it as a Company and an individual. This year my personal One Word is: SERVE. I hope that this blog can serve you and your growth that you want in 2018. As a Company we are giving away for FREE copies of the One Word!!! So if you want to utilize this book to revolutionize your approach to a new year go to: ONE WORD  (you will see my one word from last year: Treasure).

Happy New Year to all!!!


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