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South Four Mile Run Community Garden

Arlington County residents enjoy spending time outdoors gardening. Even if they do not have a garden in their own back yard, the County offers up public space on which to sow some seed. Throughout the County there are 7 different community gardens with a total of over 300 plots. One of those gardens is just around the corner from one of our fabulous homes for sale on South Taylor Street, the South Four Mile Run Garden.

For residents who are moving into the area around South Four Mile Run, there IS a waiting list to get a spot in the garden. You will need to fill out an online application with Arlington to get on the list.

It may take some time to get approved, and once you do, there are several different fees that are charged annually. However, residents know it is worth it and have filled all 300 plots.

The garden runs right along side the Four Mile Run bike trail across from Barcroft Park and the recreation center.

For more information on the local area, including all the details on 1621 S Taylor Street, please contact the Nellis Group at 703-348-6442.


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