Best Pizza In Burke Candidate – Fired Up Pizza

Just around the corner from Burke Village Center & Spartans family restaurant you will find Fired Up Pizza. FU Pizza as it is known, is a family owned pizzeria managed by owners who have 20 years (and 1 million pizzas+) experience making pies. While the location puts it kind of out of the way, word of mouth is helping them serve pizzas to the entire Burke community.

Their combination of Italian dough, California tomato based sauce and fresh Wisconsin cheese mixes perfectly with 25 choices of toppings to give you a fresh and always unique pizza experience. Pizza and wings are the main items on the menu, but the restaurant also serves salads, grilled subs, toasted subs, sides and dessert. Make sure you look at their everyday coupon specials to make sure you are getting a good deal.

Keep in mind that this is a carry-out pizza joint, as it is a very tiny space with barely enough room for the ovens. You can order online, from their app, on the phone, or in person. There is actually a picnic table (picture above) outside in the parking lot if you happen to find yourself hungry right away.

The Nellis Group has a featured 4 bedroom listing just a few miles away from Fired Up Pizza in Burke’s Signal Hill community, and we have a feeling the new owners will discover what we have. The large selection of fresh toppings, the friendly owners and staff and the delicious pizzas make Fired Up Pizza a must-try if you live in Burke.


Fired up Pizza is located at 9413 Old Burke Lake Rd, Burke, VA 22015. It is open every day from 11am-10pm. You can call them at 703-425-1100 or view their menu online at


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