Nature Trails In Fairfax County – Lake Accotink Park Springfield

During my time in Springfield, Virginia, I used to head over to Lake Accotink all the time. I would go fishing, eat my lunch by the water or just go to relax. However, my favorite thing to do was to run around the trail that runs around the entire outside of the 55 acre lake hidden away in Springfield.

The trail is just over 3 miles long, and connects to multiple communities in the Springfield area. This was the perfect distance for my daily jogs, and each time I would try to outdo the previous. The reason this trail is so great is because it runs through the shaded forest. There is 1 tiny section that goes through a neighborhood, but other than that it is a quiet and peaceful run.

The best part of the trip is always the end. Not only did I know that my arduous run was over, but running past the passingby VRE trains on the railroad trestle high in the sky as I skipped over the dam with the lake and the beach as my finish line. The trail is not only for runners. It is a great and easy trail for anyone looking to escape the quick hustle and bustle of Northern Virginia.

After no longer being around the Springfield area, I was excited to return to Lake Accotink after working on some marketing tasks for our newest West Springfield listing in the community of Daventry. The 4 bedroom townhome at 7037 Solomon Seal Ct, West Springfield, VA 22152 is now on the market and is your gateway into a beautiful community. Come visit the home this week and while you are in town check out the many activities there are at Lake Accotink! Call 703-348-6442 to schedule a private showing!

Chris Comerford, Marketing Director, The Nellis Group


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