Living In Penderbrook Fairfax: A Firsthand Experience

As a former resident of Penderbrook, I know how awesome it is to live in this community (Live Here!). Nothing beats driving home from work and seeing the beautiful fountain ponds and the greenery of the golf course. It always took some stress out of my day and made me feel like I was being welcomed home.

I had always though the community consisted of just the brick townhomes by the golf course and never realized that there was a great condo complex as well.  As a tenant in one of the homes, I always assumed living in the community wasn’t affordable for someone in my position, until I discovered the condos. Now, several years later, I’m excited that the Nellis Group has a new featured listing in Penderbrook Square (the condos, as residents call it) that makes living in Penderbrook not a dream, but a possibility.

The great part about the condos, is that you still have access to all the wonderful amenities that make Penderbrook on of the top communities in Fairfax. I spent weekends in the summer at the pool, relaxing and meeting new people. A few times a week I would run up to the workout room and get into shape (and then drive over to some of the awesome restaurants at Fair Oaks Mall or Fair Lakes and get out of shape). My friends and I played basketball, tennis, and on occasion we even went out and hacked a little on the golf course (which is AMAZING…and residents get a discount). This was honestly the only community I ever lived in where I met so many people, it’s a Penderbrook thing I guess.

If you want more information about Penderbrook feel free to give me a call! After I tell you about the fun I had living here I can connect you with one of our market experts and community specialists so they can help you get into Penderbrook on the rare occasions something opens up (like now!).

-Chris Comerford, Marketing Director, The Nellis Group-


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