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One Word LOVE

I stopped doing New Years Resolutions over 5 years ago. Based on the reading of “One Word” Book, I was inspired instead to pick a word that I could live out daily for a full year. It is fun to think through how to impact others, the community and most importantly myself when it comes to leveraging an individual word over the next 365 days!

In 2018, I had selected SERVE. It was a fun word to leverage in the 6 dimensions given by this book: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Relational, Mental & Financial. As I continued to live out my word I noticed that at times I could serve without caring. I know that seems strange to share or even admit. There were moments where I mentally knew that I was “checking a box”. It wasn’t about caring for the individual, rather to accomplish a goal.


In 2019, I want to feel, share and LOVE at the highest level. Our ability to relate and connect is what makes us truly human and gives us a glimpse of the divine. There is true power in words, music and media that embraces emotion and the ability to relate to each other. For this year my ONE word is: LOVE.  It is a powerful exercise to examine the word you choose for 2019 by making it into a sentence based on the 6 dimensions from the One Word book. I hope you find a word and do the same exercise:



6 Disciplines for LOVE:

SPIRITUAL: I love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, strength & mind.

PHYSICAL: I love my body with exercise and nutrition.

EMOTIONAL: I embrace and love myself and find happy moments in every day.

RELATIONAL: I surround myself with those that love me and support my vision for myself and those in my world.

MENTAL: I focus on loving everyone in my life and all I meet throughout the day.

FINANCIAL: I love the purpose of money, to make a difference in the world and impact others for God’s glory.



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