If you’re looking for an area to start or relocate your family, Waldorf is the perfect place. With a population of about 17, 400, this suburban area is continuously growing and thriving. What makes Waldorf so unique is its family oriented values, culture, location, and surrounding areas. Out of the 41,668 households in Waldorf, families make up 32,500 of them. Waldorf is part of the Charles County public school system. Charles county has been ranked 6 out of 24 for being the most diverse and 7 out of 24 for having the best athletes in the Maryland school districts.

The city is filled with different restaurants, parks, historical sites, water fronts, and shopping centers. The location is perfect because, it is only 18 miles away from MGM and the National Harbor, 19 miles from D.C., and a 22 mile venture to Virginia. The location is great if you are looking for a quiet comfortable area that is not secluded from everywhere else. I must say that if you are the type of person who wants their own land, away from people you can also find that in Waldorf. Charles County is one of the most southern areas in Maryland. You will find your farm lands, Amish and flea markets, and small boating docks. The area gives you a small taste of the city life but will still remind you of its laid back southern lifestyle.




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