Fairfax Lifestyle: Leehigh Village

Leehigh Villiage is a cozy community nestled off of route 29 in vast Fairfax county.

Living in a popular area of Northern Virginia can be exciting and overwhelming, however many families love the variety of activities and lifestyles that Fairfax is able to offer residents. Whether you’ve grown up in Fairfax, moved here due to government orders or the abundant opportunities there is no shortage of things to do.

Old Town Fairfax boasts charm and small town America feeling that is known for its local flavors, history and a favorite weekend spot for local George Mason University students and faculty.

Leehigh Village is a great example of industry and community within close proximity without encroaching on either. Residents enjoy the convenience of commuting into the city while also being close to shopping and entertainment options.

To learn more about homes in the local area see below.

Click here to see inside of this beautiful Fairfax Home

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