The Nellis Group continues our celebration of being chosen as The Washingtonian’s BEST for the 6th year in a row by highlighting each of our expert agents with ONE WORD.

Edward Jones Jr: Committed.

Edward’s commitment to negotiating the best offers for our clients and defending their equity is steadfast.

Thank you, Edward, for being committed to our mission and the team! In addition to the team, Edward is also a committed father and Husband. Family plays a critical part in Edward’s life. Along with his wife, Venous, they enjoy spending all of their free time with their son, Samadhi, their nieces, siblings, and parents. It’s with great pride that we celebrate this committed real estate agent, father, and husband. #TheNellisGroup#NellisGroup#NellisGroupServesMetroDC#TheNellisGroupServesMetroDC#WashingtoniansBEST#DMVrealestate

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