NG Spotlight: Manna Dosirak in Kingman Park, NE D.C.

Fine Korean BBQ meets hip D.C. neighborhood, Kingman Park! Manna has a fun, cool atmosphere perfect for date night, meeting up with family, friends, or coworkers! Manna Dosirak is available for order on Ubereats, Grubhub, and Door Dash.

This exceptional cuisine is cooked to perfection and done RIGHT with traditional styling and recipes. With options such as Bulgogi, Chicken (Hot or Sweet and Sour,) Pork (Jeyuk-Bokkeum,) Shrimp (Hot or Sweet Sour,) Chicken with Cabbage, Tofu (Hot or Soy Garlic,) Japchae, and Squid, there is something for everyone.

The best quality meats and seafood are cooked and served up to perfection by these professional Chefs, each bringing their own specials and art to each dish they serve.

The Nellis Group has an amazing property located only ONE MINUTE from Manna Dosirak at 410 15th St NE #26

To check out this hip Kingman Park condo please click the photo below

And as always, The Nellis Group serves Metro D.C.

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