Five Spots to Visit in The Metro DC Area to Show Respect to Our Veterans!

The Nellis Group would like to extend a very special thank you to every man and women who has served our country for our freedom. We greatly appreciate your sacrifice and the sacrifice of your family.

Here at The Nellis Group, your courage is never forgotten and it is always respected. From The Nellis Group to you, Happy Veterans Day!

Below are 5 spots in The Metro DC area where you are able to pay your respects to every person who has sacrificed for our freedom.

One: Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is the final resting place for more than 400,000 men and women. Covering more than 600 acres of land, Arlington National Cemetery is one of the most well known cemeteries in the country. You can visit the graves of John F. Kennedy and William Howard Taft there as well as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Arlington House.

Those buried at Arlington Cemetery consist of active-duty military, retired reservists, and former prisoners of war.

Two: Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is certain to leave you feeling heavy hearted from the loss of every soldier in Vietnam. However, it will also leave you with a deeper appreciation for every person who served. The memorial lists a 58,000 names to commemorate each individual who lost their life while also giving us all the opportunity to mourn them and thank them for everything they’ve done for our country.

To make certain you have a deeper understanding of who it is you are mourning and why, each name either has a small diamond, a small cross or a small cross filled in with a circle. The small diamond signifies a soldier who died in action, the small cross signifies a soldier who went missing in action and the names with a small cross with a filled in circle were missing in action but then later found.

Three: U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial)

The U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial exists to commemorate the raising of the American Flag on Iwo Jima in World War ll, which is one of the most iconic photos in military history. It has been captured absolutely beautifully in this monument. Composed of smooth granite, the memorial contains inscriptions of the location and date of every major battle that included the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps was established in 1775.

Four: Women in Military Service for America Memorial

Women in Military Service for America Memorial is located in close proximity to Arlington National Cemetery. It’s the only major national memorial that honors all women who have defended American throughout history. The Military Women’s Memorial honors and tells the stories of women, past and present, who serve our nation.

They are the leading memorial and education center honoring women’s contributions to the service of our nation. Their goal is to educate and inspire through innovative and interactive exhibitions, their world-class collections and their engaging programs and events for all ages.

Five: African American Civil War Museum and Monument

The African American Civil War Museum honors the contributions of 209,145 black soldiers during the Civil War. The museum features photographs, documents, artifacts, seminars by staff, and historic presentations by re-enactors. It helps everyone who visits understand the massive role African-American soldiers played in The Civil War.

Unfortunately, the museum itself is currently under construction. However, there is an incredible monument right across the street. It documents all the names of the African-American soldiers who served in The Civil War.

Have a moment of silence and pay your respects on Veterans Day or better yet, every other day.

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