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Eating in Brookland

Finding the right place to eat in your community can make evenings out something to enjoy or an inconvenience. The Brookland community in North Eastern DC makes sure it’s always something you can do with ease. In the heart of Brookland you have several classic food and drink spots to enjoy a leisurely evening or […]

Living in Brookland

Brookland is a coveted community in North Eastern Washington DC that is well known for being home to The Catholic University since 1887. Behind its fame of being a historic and academic area Brookland is also able to provide its residents with a home that brings convenience and exploration together. Minutes away from the metro, […]

Brookland Community

A large community in Washington DC, Brookland is located just North East outside of the city. Known for being the home of the Catholic University of America, Brookland has been a foundational community since the 1800’s. Brookland is at the heart of many Washington DC schools and is a wonderful place to explore and discover […]