Paul VI High School Donor Thank You Dinner

Paul VI High School and some of their top donors met on campus in the Library for a night of great food, great conversations and a great look at how donor contributions are helping PVI students grow in God’s grace and wisdom.

PVI class of 2000 alum Chris Comerford represented the Nellis Group (CEO James Nellis Class of 2004 was on the lecture circuit). The Nellis Group is able to contribute to PVI through our Every Transaction for Charity campaign as well as the Nellis Group’s William B Miller Scolarship Fund which helps students with financial hardships be able to afford the fabulous and life changing education that Paul VI Catholic High School provides.

It was great to see some of our old friends from PVI as well as many of the staff, teachers and parents who are making a difference in the youth of the DC Metro area every day.

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