Cherry Blossoms DC 2018 Update: New Peak Estimate

Cherry Blossoms DC 2018: National Cherry Blossom Festival Celebrates Spring in Washington, DC

Make your way to the National Mall for the Cherry Blossom Festival and join 1.5 million visitors for a four-week long celebration that symbolizes a gift of friendship from Japan in 1912.


The timing of the festival coincides with the peak of the pale pink and white blossoms that bring a burst of color and life along the Tidal Basin. The National Park Service forecasts the peak bloom to be April 8-12. The latest information and forecast can be found on Facebook and Twitter.
2018 Cherry Blossom events include: 
The Cherry Blossoms peak for just a short window of time so be sure to get downtown to DC early and catch a glimpse of these beautiful blossoms.  Its a perfect time to see the Nationals after visiting the Cherry Blossoms. We give away tickets each month, enter to win here.
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2018 Cherry Blossoms Peak Date: April 8-12

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