Easter Sunrise Service DC 2018: 5 Tips to Know Before You Go

For more than 10 years, the Nellis Group has made it a tradition to attend Easter Sunrise Service at the Lincoln Memorial. Being among the 8,000 people gathered together to declare to our city, nation, and world that Christ is risen is truly amazing! It’s even more surreal when the sun starts rising over the Washington Monument and the music, company, view and prayer come together to create this epic moment on Easter Sunday morning.


On Sunday, April 1st, we invite our clients and their families to come together at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Afterwards, we all go to Metro 29 , a local area diner for breakfast.

For more than 30 years, Capital Church in Vienna, VA has been conducting this special service and it’s a must-attend event for anyone living in the Washington Metropolitan area.

Here are 5 Tips to Know Before You Go

  1. Get there early at 6:00 am if you want to get a seat – Service begins at 6:30 am.
  2. Bring a blanket – It may be a bit chilly early in the morning before the sun rises.
  3. Dress casual – Be comfortable and dress casual, but of course you are welcome to wear your Sunday best.
  4. Parking – Park directly on Constitution Ave or one of the side streets (17th – 21st).
  5. Be prepared for the special phrase – “He is Risen” and your response: “He is Risen Indeed”

Please let us if you can join us Sunday, April 1st for Easter Sunrise Service and  fill out this form  so we can save you a seat. We look forward to seeing you and thousands of others this Sunday morning before the sun rises.

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