Gary Keller Unplugged: 8 Essentials for a modern day Real Estate company to succeed

Gary Keller is at the forefront of a new revolution: The 4th Industrial Revolution. I did not appreciate all of the foundational work and tech direction embraced by Keller Williams until the private meeting yesterday with 100 of the top Agents at KWRI building in Austin, Texas. Most Real Estate companies are using and will use “bolt on” technology to run their companies.  From the small boutique companies to those trading online as a stock- they all leverage vendors outside their company to compete online.

Keller Williams emerged as the leader with training and education surpassing all other brokerages and other industries receiving top awards in the business world over the last 5 years. Keller Williams (KW) has now positioned itself to not rely on other real estate vendors or companies to have a true technology company that can compete in a digital world. It is a paradigm shift that started years ago with KW as a change from a physical presence to a digital based company that is physically enhanced. KW is still the dominant brokerage worldwide with over 180,000 agents controlling market share and offices with local experts.

Many clients in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland have asked our Company: The Nellis Group why we have not created our own brokerage since we have been in business for over 30 years. The answer for why to be under an international umbrella was immediately reinforced with Gary’s comments on the new tech frontier that is being led by KW in the years to come.

Here are some points and insight from the private meeting with Gary Keller:

There is a shift coming/correction for the real estate market and more money is made during a down market than an appreciating market. It is typically a short timeline so be prepared for when it happens to take advantage.

PROFIT is a distraction on the way to VALUE

There are 2 plays in the real estate world right now: Aggregation & Integration. The Companies that adapt both at the highest level will win.

The “I-Buyer” model is being offered to the consumer but in a market that is appreciating or low in inventory it will not make the seller the most amount of money for their home.

The are 8 Essentials for modern day Real Estate business to succeed:

1. Product & Service Differentiation: Map out your value chain using technology at every point to enhance the consumer experience.

2. Micro Services: Move from Macro to Micro service – Be with PEOPLE. Be HUMAN. Become a MICRO expert – Create a MICRO RICH & RELATIONSHIP based company giving insight and information that cannot be found online through simple syndication feeds (IDX).

3. Abundant Capital: Track money capable of getting you ahead. The larger brokerage/umbrella must invest millions/billions to compete in the digital world.

4. Big Reach: A product and service that leaps geographic boundaries. The Nellis Group is leveraging this through the expansion model.

5. Likability: Be a good citizen. Focus on your ratings and reviews. BUILD your company based on REVIEWS.

6. Vertical Integration: Control the experience from beginning to end. Raise the bar of your company and don’t leave room for anyone to sneak in and offer something better in the value chain to your consumer.

7. Big Data Plus AI: You must have full access and usability of as much data as possible that is driven by AI. Own your own data and retain ALL the data possible for your company.

8. People: Attract and retain the BEST people. Your company must have a value proposition. The battle is ALWAYS for the best people. This is part of our core values at The Nellis Group: FLEX: The X-Factor. 

When looking for a competitive edge and company to market and sell your home The Nellis Group has the answers for you. Contact us today for the entire Washington DC Metro Market.




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