Washington Post Principal Of The Year Nathaniel Provencio of Minnieville Elementary

Five years ago, Nathaniel Provencio took over as principal of Minnieville Elementary School in Dale City, Virginia and today, the school stands as one of the best in the Prince William County School system. Often times, a Title I school is wrought with negative connotations, but at Minnieville, the students and the staff are performing at the top of their game. We spoke with Principal Provencio, who was awarded the 2017 Principal of the Year by the Washington Post, about Minnieville Elementary, connecting with students and Prince William County schools.

Over time Prince William County Schools have grown, and as the funding continues to grow they are able to provide students with the education they deserve. Minnieville Elementary is undergoing a massive renovation that will transform the school into a modern and technologically proficient vessel from which students can learn.

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Minnieville Elementary School is located in Dale City Woodbridge of Prince William County Virginia. Address: 13639 Greenwood Dr, Woodbridge, VA 22193
Phone: (703) 670-6106

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