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Fairfax Sushi Restaurants – Murasaki Japanese Restaurant Fairfax Towne Center

Living in the community of Penderbrook puts you right in the center of the Fairfax restaurant scene. With Fair Oaks mall right across the street and Fair Lakes and Old Town Fairfax just minutes away there is always something good to eat. However, have you found your goto sushi spot in Fairfax yet?

As a resident of Penderborok (home of our new featured 1 bedroom condo listing)¬† I was at Fairfax Towne Center all the time. I went grocery shopping at Safeway, went to the movies and ate a lot of meals at Baja Fresh. However, somehow, I missed when Murasaki Japanese Restaurant moved in. However, once I discovered it, I found my new favorite sushi spot in northern Virginia (I’ve eaten at over 20 so far and this one is one of the tops!)

While Murasaki has a lot of different Japanese options including Ramen and a large selections of rolls (with lunch specials), my favorite, and the reason I keep coming back, is the nigiri sushi and sashimi. The cost is a little bit above the average in the area, but the quality of the fish is always fresh and top notch. (View their menu)

I recommend you sit at the sushi counter, because the sushi chef’s always seem to give me some of their random creations. Maybe it is because I’m a regular. But maybe they just want some company! I also am always sure to get some edamame and tofu steaks to start, but you may find your own special order when you visit on your own.

So if you live in Penderbrook, or if you are about to become the next golf course resident, you may have found your new spot for date night! Enjoy!



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