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Five Ways to Cope with Election Day Stress

If you’re dreading Election Day in 2020, you are not alone. I promise. I know, because for an entire plethora of reasons, I’m dreading it too but the way I see it, voting isn’t an option, especially in 2020.

So, instead of avoiding our stress on Election Day, we need to face it head on and cope with it. Below are 5 ways you can do that, after you’ve already casted your vote, of course.

One: Create an Election Night Self Care Plan.

Step one and you are already rolling your eyes, aren’t you? Self care? Bleh. To be honest, I get it. Self care is often seen as the newest over-the-top trend used to get social media likes but before it became a social media trend, it was a natural instinct and necessity for good mental health. It was a way to take care of you and to therefore help you become the best version of yourself when the time comes and you are forced to deal with a stressful situation. So, cast your vote and come home to a plan.

Do anything and everything you can for you. Give yourself something to look forward to and have your favorite snack waiting for you when you walk through the door. Take a long relaxing shower or bath and visualize yourself physically washing away the post-election day stress. Take your kids to the park and listen to them laugh. Work out. Do some yoga. Meditate. Take the dog for a walk, turn up the volume on your favorite playlist and watch as your dog wags his tail back and forth in pure excitement the entire time.

Whatever it is you do, just make sure you do at least two things that will make YOU happy when you get home on Election Night. Once you’ve done that, you have already bettered yourself and your environment, which are two key ways to prepare for and cope with stress.

Two: Take a Break from Social Media.

Just please, take the night off from social media. You’ve already cast your vote so seriously, why are you on Facebook again? Are you here because you want to post a cute selfie while wearing your, “I voted” sticker? All right, I get that, I’m a nerd in that way too. Post your selfie and then log out for the night.

No? You’re still on Facebook?

Are you hoping to see how all your friends and family voted? Are you reading their comments as they argue back-and-forth in their own grandmother’s comment section? Are you actually thinking about taking part in an argument on your own grandmothers Facebook page?

Is that really a good way for you to cope with your stress?

Short answer: No. It’s not. It’s actually making your stress worse.

Get off social media. It’s for your own good. The votes have already been cast and you have already done everything you can do for this election. Find comfort in that.

Three: Order Takeout.

On a diet? On Election day, I don’t care about diets and you shouldn’t have to either. This is me releasing you from your diet guilt for one measly tiny little night. Food isn’t something you need to be stressing over when a drastic change is happening in our country that could greatly impact the lives of many, including yours.

Order take out. It’s for one night and it will be one last thing you have to worry about that evening. Plus, you deserve a cheat day after fulfilling your civic duty, don’t you? I vote yes.

Four: Dance it Out.

Don’t groan, it’s scientifically proven that dancing decreases stress and boosts your physical and mental health by sending endorphins to your brain. Also, dancing is just plain fun and is a lot more joyous to take part in than your average walk or jog. Turn up the music, drown out the world and and just lose yourself in the moment and even if it’s only for one song, it’s worth it.

Don’t let looking like a fool stop you, either. It’s fun to be a fool sometimes, especially while in the comfort of your own home.

Five: Be a Prepared and Informed Voter.

Educate yourself. This one may seem obvious but it honestly cannot be repeated enough as it’s the most important step on this list by far. Being a prepared and informed voter gives you confidence and therefore decreases self-doubt and stress during and after you cast your vote.

Do your research. Research your area, research your candidates, research the needs of your community and make all your decisions before you leave your home to vote. To help, you can also bring your filled-out practice ballot with you and you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything once you are already in the booth and filling out your official ballot. Self preparation and researching information are completely within your control. Don’t miss out on taking advantage of that.

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