Moreland’s Tavern is the perfect restaurant for anyone searching for genuine hospitality, deliciously fresh food and a welcoming environment. Their chef, Emily Baron, is a DC native and has honed her culinary craft in a variety of large corporate kitchens and small independent restaurants before deciding to call Moreland’s Tavern home.

The Grilled Shrimp & Risotto is a delicious starter option as well as their Steamed Mussels and Pretzel Bread. Try their Seared Scallops for your main course or other dinner favorites like their Crispy Half Chicken or their Braised Short Rib. You also must taste some their mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies for dessert and don’t forget their most important selection, which is what they keep on tap of course. For beer they offer Denizens Born Bohemian, Astro Lab Tower CU, Sloop Brewing Juice Bomb and Hellbender Ignite. Moreland’s Tavern also offers wine and cocktail options.

At Moreland’s Tavern, the food is only a delicious bonus to all the memories you’ll make in their gorgeous tavern.

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