Lighthouse Yoga Center has a passion for health and wellness as well as providing their clients with the most beautiful space for restoring peace and healing their soul. As the only Kundalini Yoga studio in Washington DC, Lighthouse Yoga Center takes genuine pride in what they do. Their teachers are experienced and always promote a come as you are environment, making certain you always feel comfortable.

Lighthouse Yoga Center believes that yoga can help your mind as much as it helps your body. They understand that you only start to feel better in your body once you are able to calm your mind and once we calm our minds, they believe we can then truly connect with our spirit. Lighthouse Yoga Center hopes to not only calm you, but to empower you.

Lighthouse Yoga Center also prioritizes inclusion, diversity and community, making this yoga studio a beautiful opportunity to surround yourself with people from all walks of life, people of all ages and people of all shapes and sizes.

The Legacy Condo Building, occupying The Page CondoThe Evelyn Condo and The Vicki Condo, in Washington DC, is only .6 miles away from here!

5622 13th St NW Unit 1 Washington, D.C. 20011 

5622 13th St NW Unit 2 Washington, D.C. 20011 

5622 13th St NW Unit 3 Washington, D.C. 20011

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