Temple Hills Skating Palace is the perfect family destination when searching for a place where you can share endless laughs and make incredible memories. Have a blast on their old school roller skating rink as you dance to music and play games. Take a break in one of their two arcade rooms in between skating laps and play some Dance Revolution, Mrs. Pac Man, Ski Ball and NBA Hoops! Some games even offer winning tickets that you can cash in at their famous Stuff Shop!

Refuel in their Roller Cafe which offers all your favorites. Have a slice of pizza, some nachos with cheese, a gourmet pretzel or one of their delicious icees. You can also hold parties at Temple Hills Skating Palace and there are events held year-round as it’s the perfect location escape to and have fun in.

Temple Hills Skating Palace is one of the few places on this planet where kids can let loose and parents can make certain their children are safe and happy.

The Nellis Group has a gorgeous property only 1.2 miles away! 3512 25th Pl, Temple Hills, MD 20748


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